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If the start of the day is joyful, rest of the day is joyful too. So, here we present Trixie the "Bringer of Joy".

Those days are gone when hygiene was the prime issue not for the you but for your pets too, as now "Room Groom a Trixie Product" introduces you the smart way of living with their high end products like sensor dustbins, sensor soap dispensers & pet bowls, which helps you to live a comfortable and healthy life. Hygiene and cleanliness go hand in hand so we introduce you a line of products named as "Clean Sweep" "stylish safaai, sabko bhai!" which helps you forget the old painful method of cleaning & brings joy by their innovative mops and brooms.

Need another example of joy and comfort? Here are the "Trixie Joyful Brushes" which gives you joyful and comfortable way of brushing, as we say if the start of the day is joyful, rest is joyful too. So, you are one click away to bring joy to your life. What are you waiting for?

Bring home joy! Bring home TRIXIE!

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