About Us

Mr. Hiten Dedhia and Mr. Sanjay Jagyasi both have several years of experience in different industries and have a fresh approach to products used every day that promises to change how these products make customers’ lives easier.

The company’s signature products include the Trixie Joyful toothbrush, part of an oral care line; Room Groom, a collection of exclusive dustbins and bathroom sets; and Clean Sweep, quality brooms and cleaning products for both home and office use. Since the company’s inception, the products have been sourced from different countries, helping local economies, and expansion plans include rapidly-growing markets in Dubai and Malaysia.

Trixie is based on core values that are vital to the founders’ vision. One of these values is integrity in all dealings with customers and those in the supply chain. The founders are completely committed to the success of their company and providing high quality at all levels. Mr. Dedhia and Mr. Jagyasi appreciate the value of time that is dedicated to producing their products, and believe in showing each individual respect.

Customers can expect to enjoy an experience that is consistent with the core values of the company. The products will continue to reflect the needs of customers, and careful attention is given to what customers in all markets want. This company is dedicated to exceeding expectations and becoming one of the major leaders in its industry.

Any customer who can benefit from Trixie’s products are heartily encouraged to view the unique products available on the website. As part of their commitment to exceptional service, Trixie encourages customers to contact them with any questions, concerns and suggestions.